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Q:  How long does a Gold Service take?

 A:  Obviously each caravan is slightly different, but in general if serviced correctly, a single axle takes approx 4.0hrs - 4.5hrs, and a twin axle 4.5hrs - 5.5hrs

Q:  What is the difference between a Gold Service and a Pre-Holiday Safety Check?

A:  A Gold Service inspects and services the entire Caravan, as the Pre-Holiday Safety Check ensures the Caravan is roadworthy and safe to use, it does not check 12v, or appliances apart from safety. 

Q:  What is the total cost of the service 'with parts'?

A:  Unfortunately, it is difficult to have an inclusive price as prices vary greatly with regards to what running gear (braking system) you have on your van.  However if you wish to email, or phone me with your caravan details I will happily give you an inclusive price, with no obligation. 'Parts' - are items fitted to your caravan, ALL CONSUMABLES ARE INCLUDED WITHIN THE SERVICE PRICE.

Q:  Why do you charge a fuel surcharge?

A:  If your caravan is within 20 miles of Wrexham, there is no surcharge.  However, if your caravan is more than 20 miles away from Wrexham there is a fuel surcharge of 75p per mile.  This allows me to keep my prices realistic and fair for everyone.

Q:  Why do you not fit the cheaper priced Caravan Movers?

A:  From experience, a caravan mover is generally fitted due to need.  It is used because, it is to difficult to reverse into a desired position, or strenuous energy is required.  It is at these times that you require the mover to work, and not let you down!  Due to the position of the motors, and sometimes lengthy amounts of time between use it is most important that you can rely on the 'Caravan Mover'.  TLC is committed to fitting quality products which will give you many years of trouble free service. 



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